• I am so grateful to Dr. Bryan for helping me feel so much better. I have struggled with neck and back pain for years. After a series of visits, I feel like a new person!

  • I began chiropractic care here in my 3rd trimester… it was a big help to my back and hips. Now my whole family receives care here- even my little people! We love it! My 5 year old asks to go for his adjustment and loves how it makes him feel afterward. He ‘plays’ chiropractor at home and gives us ‘treatments.’ Our last chiropractor – he literally screamed and refused care. Kids just know who good people are! We love it and you will too!

  • Great practice! Been going here since major back pain last summer and treatments have eliminated my issues. I work a manual labor job so this place has kept me in service!

  • I’d highly recommend anyone to Abundant Life Chiropractic. It’s a very warm and professional atmosphere as Dr. Bryan Brakhage and his staff are genuinely concerned for the patients there. The doctor’s clinical skills and knowledge are second to none.

  • The staff is welcoming and is always accommodating. Dr. Brakhage listens to your concerns. She does everything she can to make you feel comfortable, and on track to feeling like you again.

  • Always friendly, and so flexible. My whole family goes there for chiropractic care. Listens to what is bothering you and takes care of it. You are always treated with respect and care.

  • My family and I have been going to Abundant Life Chiropractic for several years. Throughout my pregnancy, to ear infections and growing pains. Dr. Wendy Brakhage has changed how we view our health and understudying how it’s all connected. She and the staff are like family.

  • Always friendly and accommodating! My health has definitely improved since seeing Dr. Brakhage. Totally recommend!!

  • Dr. Wendy is AMAZING! I was having horrible back pain and she had me feeling back to normal in no time! Mindy is AWESOME at getting you scheduled ASAP and when it works for you. They are both super friendly. Highly recommend them to everyone!

  • Dr. Bryan & Dr. Wendy are both fantastic!!! I highly recommend if you are having any issues with your low back, neck, or headaches this is the place to go around the KC area! Very friendly, honest, and caring about what needs to happen to get you feeling better and fixed so issues don’t keep coming back.

  • I’ve been treated by a number of chiropractors over the last decade or so and I have been adjusted by both Doctors in the office.  They  have given (by far) the most gentle and and effective neck adjustments I’ve received. Beyond exceptional clinical skills, the atmosphere in the office is so warm and welcoming. You will always feel welcome in the office and know that your time is valued. I could not recommend this office highly enough!

  • I have had nothing but great service here. Dr. Brakhage has been adjusting me for 5 years and I have received nothing but professionalism. I can always tell the difference in how i feel when I walk out of her office. Would highly recommend this office.

    Gloria B.

  • Dr. Brakhage and Mindy are awesome! I’ve been going since August 2017 for Migraines and have not had one since. I have also had other things worked out that I didn’t know existed. My husband is now going he was skeptical at first, but is happy that he started going.

  • Dr. Brakhage is AWESOME!! Her and Mindy are the nicest people! They are very easy to work with have help relieve me from headaches and allergies after initially getting care for neck pain!! They do a great job with educating you through the whole process, so you are never in the dark about anything!
    If you are looking for a chiropractor or want your body function better and learn how along the way, this is the place to do it!

  • If you are in the KC area, you should definitely be coming here! Neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, helps with all! Not only that, I’ve been sleeping and breathing better! Great place to go for you and your kids!

  • Dr Brakhage has such a calm & gentle manner. Best adjustments of my life— headaches are GONE!

  • I went in to see if there was any help for my carpal tunnel wrist issues. Dr. Brakhage not only repaired my carpal tunnel wrist injury but she also corrected a ten year old elbow injury that I thought no one could fix. She also identified a hip socket problem that I’ve had for years that caused me to have a painful limp when I walked. She had me hold on to the table and she snatched my leg. Something popped. Pain gone. Limp gone. Dr. Brakhage is good. Really good!

  • I started chiropractic treatments with Dr. Wendy after I had total knee surgery. The bad knee, caused me to walk in a way that was hurting other parts of my body. I was in so much pain, and I couldn’t sleep. After the surgery, my body had a hard time adjusting to how the new knee was correcting my posture. Dr. Wendy helped me get my spine aligned and the acupuncture helped me deal with pain. I had the surgery a year ago in Sept, and I am feeling better every day. I sleep well most of the time and I’m feeling the old enthusiasm for life that I haven’t felt in years. Thank You Dr. Wendy!

  • I went to Abundant Life Chiropractic because it was close to home. When I meet with Dr. Wendy I had some concerns with her being able to work with me as I’m 6’4 and was about 300lbs at the time. She has been fantastic and I’m feeling better then I have in a very long time. Not only is my lower back better but so are my allergies. Very Highly Recommended!

  • Dr. Brakhage and Mindy are fantastic. They will always work with your schedule and provide total care for your entire family. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

  • I receive high quality and thorough treatments every time I visit. Dr. Wendy doesn’t just treat the issue for immediate relief, she treats it for the long term.

  • Very friendly staff, always feel great after I leave. Fixed a problem I have been living with for years . Would recommend them to everyone.

  • The staff is very friendly and the environment is professional and inviting. I would highly recommend Abundant Life to anyone looking for a high-quality chiropractor.

  • I was that person…

    “I was that person….that Mom….the Mom who doubted a Chiropractor could help my son. After all, he was only 8 months old.  He is so little and fragile. I was afraid a chiropractor would hurt my baby and he would be paralyzed.

    At 6 months old, my son climbed out of his stroller and fell head first onto the ground. Within a week, my son was throwing up at least 6 or 7 times a day. I took him to his pediatrician who had us try different formulas. This worked for about a week. Then we were back to where we started. He had us try a few different types of acid reflux medicine, as that was my son’s diagnosis. After trying these medicines, my son was still throwing up just as often. We ended up in Children’s Mercy Hospital having a sonogram done to see if he had pyloric stenosis; also negative.   Our last option was to have our son scoped and possibly exploratory surgery.  I finally went in to see Dr. Brakhage, when my son was almost 10 months old and had spent the last couple of months throwing up constantly.

    She took the time to go through my son’s history. She talked to us about his treatment and told us that coming to her was not an instant fix, but to allow her time to work with him and his little body. She was so gentle with him, and he had no problems allowing her to work with him. I can tell you that within 2 weeks, my son was off the most expensive formula (Nutramigen) and within 2 months, he was off his acid reflux medicine and keeping food down.

    Today, my son is almost 2 years old and he continues to be adjusted on an as needed schedule.   Dr. Brakhage is my miracle…miracle for my son, miracle for my family”