• I am so grateful to Dr. Bryan for helping me feel so much better. I have struggled with neck and back pain for years. After a series of visits, I feel like a new person!

  • I began chiropractic care here in my 3rd trimester… it was a big help to my back and hips. Now my whole family receives care here- even my little people! We love it! My 5 year old asks to go for his adjustment and loves how it makes him feel afterward. He ‘plays’ chiropractor at home and gives us ‘treatments.’ Our last chiropractor – he literally screamed and refused care. Kids just know who good people are! We love it and you will too!

  • Great practice! Been going here since major back pain last summer and treatments have eliminated my issues. I work a manual labor job so this place has kept me in service!

  • Brian Heere

    I’d highly recommend anyone to Abundant Life Chiropractic. It’s a very warm and professional atmosphere as Dr. Bryan Brakhage and his staff are genuinely concerned for the patients there. The doctor’s clinical skills and knowledge are second to none.