For many years Dr. Bryan Brakhage has had a passion for chiropractic; first as a patient and then as a top physician in the field.

Dr. Bryan grew up working on his father’s farm in Tobias Nebraska.  In his late teens and early twenties Dr. Bryan worked long hours as an employee on a golf course.  Eventually, he relocated to Denver Colorado as a golf course manager; working 13-14 hour days, 7 days a week.   In his mid twenties, his career path changed and he became a managing leader in a large manufacturing company; overseeing the industrial quality assurance department and it’s many employees.

During high school, Dr. Bryan began having frequent headaches and low back pain due to playing sports and farm work.  This continued into his working career.  That is when he began chiropractic treatments and when he realized how important chiropractic was.  It’s so simple.  Remove the pressure on a nerve, then the body can restore and regenerate itself; no drugs, no surgery, just remove the interference.  Getting regular adjustments not only helped his headaches and low back pain, but also improved his body’s immune response; thereby improving his overall health.  His previous farm work, sports injuries, manual labor and long hours as a manager allows him to understand what is necessary to effectively treat chronic conditions associated with hard work and sports.

In 2012, Dr. Bryan decided he was ready to “pay it forward “and serve his community with the gift of chiropractic. He decided to go back to college.  In 2017 he received his Bachelor of Science, in Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland University.

Dr. Bryan was very active in school.  During his graduate studies he was taking the necessary curriculum to complete two degrees.  He was also taking additional adjusting courses and attending meetings with Pinnacle, an elite chiropractic group.  His education, skills and additional training has allowed him to be ranked as one of the top 1% of chiropractors nationally.

When Dr. Bryan is not working, he loves being outdoors, golfing and fishing. He also loves listening to music and motivational podcasts. Chiropractic has given him and his family the ability to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.