During pregnancy a woman’s body forgoes many changes; emotional and physical. As the woman’s body changes, pelvic and sacral misalignments may cause tightening and torsion of pelvic muscles and ligaments. This may cause pain and/or prevent the baby from assuming the best possible position for growth and birth.

Correction of sacral and pelvic subluxation will help with the pelvic position, relaxation of the ligaments and proper alignment of the pelvis. This decreases discomfort during pregnancy, balances the pelvis and optimizes biomechanics in preparation for a safer and easier birth.

Chiropractic care is safe and typically results in easier pregnancy, decreased labor time and better transition for the baby during delivery. It is important to get checked after your baby is born to help your body return to pre-partum posture.

Don’t forget how intense the birthing process is for your newborn. Chiropractic care is safe for your infant as well. Please read more on this on our Children Page.